Monday, March 2, 2015

Can cat eat dog food for daily meals?


Can cat eat dog food? Find Out the Answer

Dogs and cats have their own food, but this is not a new case that cats eating dog food. Just because they are both carnivores do not mean that they can eat the same food. However, many people that this is the same way feeding cats and feeding dogs. This is why they like using the same foods. They are indeed both carnivores, but what dogs need and cats need is really different. They need different nutrients, which mean their foods contain different nutrients as well. Making your cats eating dog food daily can become poisonous. So, can cat eat dog food?

Can cat eat dog food

Cats need taurine, protein and arachidonic acid in their foods. When they do not get these nutrition, they will not get enough what their bodies need. This happens when you let your cats eat dog food. So, can cat eat dog food? The answer is absolutely no. With different nutrition in the foods, cats can only eat cat food. If your cats eat only a bite of dog food, this will be just right, but it will be different if your cats keep eating dog food daily. It wills danger their health. The answer of can cat eat dog food is clear now.

Cats and dogs both eat meat, but cats need more energy in their foods. Protein is the source of energy for cats and this should be provided in the meat they eat. Dogs do not need such kind of energy in their meat. They do not need enough protein like the one in cat food. This is why cats should eat their own food to get enough protein. Not only protein, but cats also need taurine. Can cat eat dog food has been well answered considering that they have different protein requirement.

Tough the answer of can cat eat dog food is clear, still, many people keep doing this because there are just not enough reasons, Cat foods should contain more calories than dog food because cat has lower metabolism. Letting your cats eating dog food will make them skin because they do not get enough calories. Dogs do not need as much as calories as cats. Cat food contains more calories because they are indeed required. This is another reason why you should stop giving your cats dog food. Can cat eat dog food? Also, dog food does not contain arachidonic acid, a kind of fatty acid cats need. Cats should consume this fatty acid daily because it is really required for their bodies. So, this is not right giving what your cats should not eat for their daily meals.